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Global Credit Solution USA

" Give Yourself a little bit of Credit

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs "



Customer Service & Sales : work from home at your own time with your current business or associates and help others to do the same give others a chance to make an income and profit form it too as a residual income .

" NOTE "

"sales representative are allow to work in other financial offices , We Welcome Realtors, Loan Officers, Car Dealers sales representatives, and manny more places in need of good credit support. You are the first point of contact for your customers. Associates that are pleasant, friendly and communicative with customers will be well served in understanding customer needs, explaining procedures and making sales, with a sales program you cam make a residual income when refer a new sales representative and make a commission every time you associate make a sale , call us or email us to find out more .

Writing: You may be required to write sales reports, Your ability to follow up on a weekly basis with your leads and keep a accurate record as well as update your active clients.

Essential Job Functions:

• Engage the customer through conversation. Determine the customer’s needs.

• Provide the knowledge to customers through the features, values and benefits of each product.

• Suggestively show additional items and services that the customer may not have anticipated they will need.

• Handle complaints graciously and effectively.

• Work with associates to achieve sales plan. Strive to achieve individual sales plan.

• Actively participate in all programs and procedures that drive sales.

• Treat associates, customers and vendors better than they expect.

• Correctly handle all register transactions.

• Suggest usage of Our programs and services with each applicable sale.

• Work with other associates to achieve a high score through excellent customer service, product knowledge and follow through.

• Ensure organized throughout each business day.

• Be aware of current promotional items and the correct pricing.

• Acknowledge by signature that weekly “clients Bulletin has been complete” .

• Work with fellow associates to maintain that Asset Protection standards are met all the time.

Persistence: Not every customer will be a sale. Associates need to be able to stay positive and keep at their job until sales are made..


• Perform initial report by thoroughly examining their applications.

• Assess the credit standings of applicants through background research

• Interview to evaluate their personal credit situation.

• Conclude on all applicable financial and non-financial criteria and develop a working plan.

• Follow up with clients to clarify important points

• Give the “green light” to eligible disputes and report decisions with good arguments in favor of the client.

• Have fully executed contracts and keep clients informed in rules and obligations.

• Remain up to speed regarding status of current credit scoresas well as other financial services that maybe provide to the client.

• Cultivate trustworthy referral networks, suggest alternate channels and cross-sell services in favor of the clients as well for the company.

• Forge trust relationships and enhance customer dedication

• Work within established regulations and adhere to law requirements at all times

• Proven working experience in a processor role

• Good knowledge of computer software and MS Office

• Comprehension of direct/indirect lending procedures to guide the clients

• In-depth understanding of relevant rules and regulations

• Excellent communication and sales skills

• Balance between customer satisfaction orientation and a results driven approach.




Set Yourself Up for Success:

Meet with your manager to determine how your work and job requirements can be done remotely from your home either full time or certain days of the week. Consider the effect of working at home on your customers, co-workers and manager. Determine your technological needs and agree on securing the tools and appropriate training to ensure productivity at home.

Establish measurable performance goals and expectations. Discuss concerns and potential challenges of working virtually and ways to address these issues. Determine a process for regular check-in meetings to discuss how to generate leads for the virtual work enviroment for you and the business.

Check in frequently with your manager and co-workers to discuss how things are going and determine how to overcome challenges that may be identified in order to get more Leads. Set yourself up for success – at home Set up an appropriate work space that is separate and distinct from your “home space” and conducive to working effectively without interruptions. Design your work space for efficiency, with all the documents and materials you need. Create a healthy workspace – good light, comfortable temperature, ergonomic adjustable chair, computer keyboard and mouse suited to your needs, telephone headset, etc. Set boundaries with your family members. Ensure your family members understand that although you are home, you’re working. Establish ground rules for work hours, interruptions, noise, etc.

Do not use working from home as a substitute for child care. Focus on performance and results . Be clear on your priorities, focusing on the expectations, tasks and responsibilities you and your manager agreed upon as measures of success. Be proactive in communicating regularly with your manager, coworkers and customers to stay connected and resolve issues as they arise. Ensure that your accomplishments, project status, outcomes and deliverables are visible to your manager and co-workers as appropriate – avoid being out of sight, out of mind. Invite and encourage feedback from co-workers, manager and customers about how your virtual work arrangement is affecting them. Be accessible, responsive and reliable Utilize appropriate communication methods to stay connected with your manager, co-workers and customers. Update your email, voicemail greeting, staff calendar etc. on a regular basis with your schedule, availability (or not) and contact information. Check your email and voicemail frequently. Demonstrate trustworthiness by being predictable, reliable, taking promises seriously and following through on commitments.

Manage your work and preserve time for your life ,Find ways to “disengage” from work and have quality personal time when traditional boundaries between work and home life are no longer clear. Set reasonable limits to your work hours and determine how to meet work requirements and still preserve personal time. Build in short breaks and work during periods of peak energy.